Author: Tim Ekno

God is for us!

Sometimes life in this world can be tough.  It seems like things are just against us and we rarely understand them.  In Psalm 73 the worship leader was wondering why it seemed the ungodly prospered.  Trying to figure it all out, and fighting the good fight can be a wearisome thing.  But it’s inevitable if

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Conformed to His Image

Last week we saw God’s promise that He is using all things for good in the lives of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.  Today we will see how He achieves that purpose.  Our salvation is God’s work and because it is His work in us we are secure.  We

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All Things Work Together for Good

We live in a confusing world.  There is so much violence, illness and suffering our rational mind can’t seem to grasp it.  In yesterdays message I was encouraging you to learn to have intentional times of silence in your day.  We don’t hear the voice of God while we are talking but while silent.  Exodus

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God Works Through Our Weakness

We struggle with being weak but it’s always in our weakness – not our strength – that God works.  God is working in and through us at all times.  He never leaves us on our own but is life for us at all times.   Romans 8:26–27 “Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness.

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Groaning Inwardly

The Promised Land or the Abundant Christian life is not a life free from strongholds or enemies.  It’s just how we approach the adversary.  We are called to deal with the enemy from a position of strength in the victory that Christ has secured for us.  You are a super conqueror in Christ and the

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