Author: Tim Ekno

Heirs of God

My prayer is that you discover Father’s heart for you.  The world system says we are what we do but the Gospel, the good news, declares we are who God says we are.  No success and no failure defines you.  Your birth in Christ defines you.  By grace through faith you are a child of God

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Sons of God

God’s heart for His children is incredible.  He hungers for us to know perfect security as His children.  We are born-again by His Spirit and He plants His life in us so we will experience all He is for us.  He doesn’t make us alive and then leave us to our own resources.  He is

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By the Spirit

Most of Christianity has fallen into the endless task of sin management.  The apostle Paul has been leading us step by step to understand more fully our new identity in Jesus Christ.  The more we understand our new identity, and the more we believe it to be true, under all circumstances, the more quickly we

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You are not in the Flesh

The beauty of the Gospel is that we are not left to fend for ourselves.  Christ’s death on the cross solved our sin problem and so much more.  Through His finished work we’ve been made the dwelling place of God so God is no longer external to us but lives in us.  God put His

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The Mind Set on the Spirit

So far in Romans 8 we’ve seen the incredible truth that we who have received Jesus Savior and Lord are free from condemnation.  We are free from being condemned and free from condemning anyone because Jesus stepped in and took our punishment.  As a result, we are no longer under the law of sin and

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