Author: Tim Ekno

Working for Reconciliation

Working for Reconciliation  The Lord has a lot to say about our relationships.  It seems easy to feel justified in our positions but a key element of the gospel is that grace changes how we relate to one another.  How we relate to others flows from our relationship with God.  We are called to love

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Anger & Murder

Anger & Murder As we go through the Sermon on the Mount it’s important to remember that Jesus wasn’t laying down a new way of living but showing them that the purpose of the Law, which was to reveal their need for a Savior.  The Pharisees had altered and redefined the Law so it was

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Extreme Righteousness

Extreme Righteousness   Jesus was in constant conflict with the religious rulers as to the intent of the Law.  The problem was not the Law.  It was the purpose of the Law.  They were misusing the Law to establish a righteousness based on self-effort instead of allowing its perfect and holy demands to drive them to the

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I Came to Fulfill the Law

I’ve come not to destroy but to fulfill   The Sermon on the Mount progresses from one truth to the next.  Jesus stated emphatically His followers were the salt of the earth and the light of the world.  Our lives impact the world in a powerful way when we let Him express Himself through us. 

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You are the Light of the World

You are the light of the world   Last week we looked at the incredible statement, “We are the salt of the earth.”  Today we are going to look to how Jesus continues the theme of who we are in Him and how that affects the world we live in.  It is absolutely critical we understand we

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