Randy Chollar

Elder in Charge of Finances

Randy Chollar joined the Elder Board of Faith Bible Church in 2011,  having been an active member since 2005.  Randy accepted Christ in the early 1970’s as a teenager.  Randy married his wife, Sally, in 1978 when they committed themselves, their marriage and future children to Christ.  Randy credits this commitment to Christ, and regular church attendance, as the secret to their successful marriage.

Randy has been actively involved in church ministries since that time, such as teaching in various positions, creating small home groups and Sunday school classes, serving on building committees and serving in other formal leadership roles.  Randy attended Bible Study Fellowship for 5 years.  This study along with Bible teaching from the pulpit and small group interaction has helped him apply Christian principles in his daily walk.

Randy graduated from Texas State University with a BBA degree in 1976.  His career started in Houston where he worked for large oil and gas companies.  In the early 1980’s Randy returned to the San Antonio area and entered into the small business arena.  His primary business concern is an air conditioning service/replacement business which he has been associated with since 1981.  He has also served on various local and state wide board positions in the air conditioning industry.

Randy and Sally have four children.  The three oldest are married.  Sarah, their fourth child, is currently graduated from college, working and recently engaged to be married!