He Knows Me

goingsOn_1943x900BSunday, I was teaching on Adam and Eve and wished I had so much more time.  One of the things Abba was showing me was how our first instinct after we sin is to hide and cover up.  We give the enemy so much power over our lives when we hide and cover up.  What are we thinking?  Do we think God isn’t aware?  We are most certainly shocked when our nakedness is exposed but God isn’t at all.  The enemy is behind all of our hiding and all of our attempts to cover our nakedness.

Psalm 139:1-6  “O Lord, you have searched me and known me!  2.You know when I sit down and when I rise up; you discern my thoughts from afar.  3.  You search out my path and my lying down and are acquainted with all my ways.  4.  Even before a word is on my tongue, behold, O Lord, you know it altogether.  5.  You hem me in, behind and before, and lay your hand upon me.  6.  Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high; I cannot attain it.”

Think about these words from your Abba.  There are no secrets with Him and He loves you.  Sometimes something will pop out of my mouth and I’m shocked by the words, but nothing comes as a surprise to God.  When Adam and Eve were hiding in the garden the Lord came seeking them out.  Truly, and in every way, we are hiders and God is the seeker.  Anytime we appear to be seeking God it is only because He has come and called out to us in our hiding.  Can you see in both this Psalm and in Adam and Eve’s story that none of your failures keep God from relentlessly pursuing you.  He hems you in, behind and before, and His hand is upon you.  We spend way too much time living from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and are deceived to think our relationship with God is based on how well we avoid the Evil side of the tree and eat from the Good side.  No, my friends.  It’s the completely wrong tree!  Eat freely from the Tree of Life!  He doesn’t hate you for your failures anymore than He loves you for your successes.  He loves you because you are His.  Will you come out of hiding and let Him cover your nakedness?  He’s in constant pursuit of relationship with you, His beloved.  When that fills your thinking you’ll say with the psalmist, “Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high; I cannot attain it.”