Heirs of God

My prayer is that you discover Father’s heart for you.  The world system says we are what we do but the Gospel, the good news, declares we are who God says we are.  No success and no failure defines you.  Your birth in Christ defines you.  By grace through faith you are a child of God and so much more.
Romans 8:16–17 “The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, 17 and if children, then heirs—heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ, provided we suffer with him in order that we may also be glorified with him.”
The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, Listen to the Spirit – the heartbeat of God – because it is beating love for you, reminding you of your divine adoption!  Quiet yourself before Him and He will illuminate your heart, convict you of sinful attitudes and actions, but always speak to you as son or daughter.  Take the step of faith to see Him as He truly is – your Abba. 
And if children, then heirs:  It is interesting that Paul uses here, “tekna,” indicating a begotten son. We are partakers of His divine nature through the indwelling life of the Spirit. We are His children and also His heirs. We are His heirs because of our relationship to the Father in Christ.  Heirs receive because of grace. How marvelous!  An heir of God Himself! We need to remember an heir doesn’t deserve an inheritance or do anything to achieve one.  However, we are given one as a gift of grace that grows out of our relationship with God.  The most significant aspect of our inheritance is our heritage. You might hope for an inheritance from your parents, but quite often these very human hopes are disappointing. The French writer of the Middle Ages, Francois Rabelais, also a Franciscan friar, made the following will: “I owe much. I possess nothing. I give the rest to the poor.” How different with God. God owes nothing, possesses everything, and gives all to His children. His very BEST  gift to His children is the gift of life, a new heritage; a new identity.
Heirs of God: The greatest aspect of our inheritance is God Himself. In its deepest sense, it is partnership with our creator. The inheritance is only God’s to give and He gives it – without exception – to those who become His heirs through faith in His divine Son.  God Himself is our inheritance. God is not only the source of our inheritance but is Himself our inheritance. The value of an inheritance is determined by the worth of the one who gives it, and the inheritance of Christians is from the Creator, Sustainer, and Owner of the world. If God is our inheritance, we can be assured of salvation, since nothing is going to move God. Nothing is ever going to dispossess us of our heavenly inheritance. So, “God our inheritance” means His righteousness is ours; His patience is ours; and His holiness is ours.  All that He is, His nature in us through the Spirit, is just waiting to be expressed in/through us. Quit talking like you’ve got it bad. You’ve got an incredible inheritance in God! 1 Corinthians 1:30 lays out the basics for us; believe it, it’s true!
and fellow heirs with Christ, Through faith we are united to Jesus the Son.  That means our inheritance is not separate or individual but fused with Christ. In the world our inheritance could be divided into many parts but in eternity we receive it all. My family had eight kids and I told my folks not to try to save for us but to spend it all on themselves. Think with me, I was a guilty, lost, sinful child of Adam and am now, a joint-heir with Christ – the Creator of all things, the Beloved of the Father, The Righteous One, the Prince of Life!  Only the God of all grace could prepare such a destiny for us!  We share in everything that Jesus receives. Many of us are heirs of those who have very little to bequeath in earthly possessions, and our human inheritance will amount to little, perhaps nothing. But just as God’s resources are limitless, so our spiritual inheritance is limitless!  Because, as His fellow heirs, we share in everything Jesus Christ, inherits. God the Father has appointed Jesus Christ the “heir of all things”, and because we are fellow heirs with Him, we are destined to receive all that He receives!
My hope is this helps start off your week just right.  You are who God says you are!
You are loved!
Pastor Tim