Small Groups

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What is a small group?

It’s people coming together around a common interest–Ultimate Frisbee, cooking, marriage, money management, Bible study, Recovery – just to name a few… It’s a group of people who meet regularly in someone’s home or other meeting place to eat together, laugh together, study the Bible together, pray together and just do life together. It’s community at its best: authentic relationships grounded in biblical faith.

Are small groups really important?

We really believe being involved in authentic, biblical community isn’t optional for the child of God. It’s essential. In fact, our hope for every person at Faith Bible Church is that they participate in the corporate Sunday morning worship experience, commit to doing life with a small group, and get involved in hands on ministry. We believe that we were made for relationships and that lasting life change, personal transformation, and spiritual growth best occur in the context of authentic biblical community (Acts 2:42; 46-47; 1 John 4:7, 13).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do small groups provide childcare?
Great question. Some groups do… Some groups don’t… Call the Church Office to voice your needs.

Do small groups provide refreshment/food?
You bet! Most groups either provide refreshments or meet at a place where you’re free to grab a cup of Joe or a full meal.

Will I have to pray in front of anyone?
Nope! Not unless you want to! No one is ever singled out to do anything in front of the group. Only you determine the level of your participation, interaction, and involvement.

Should I bring a Bible?
Sure! Having a Bible when you show up is great, but it’s not a requirement. Plus, if you want a Bible, but don’t have one, your small group leader will provide one for you!

When and where do groups meet?
Small groups meet in church, homes, coffee shops, restaurants, workplaces, and parks across the Boerne area—any space that can host a group of people for an hour or more is a potential meeting spot. Groups also meet throughout the week and at different times of the day, from 8:30 in the mornings to evening groups.

How long do small groups typically last?
Great question! Most groups last about an hour and a half. But the structure of the group depends on the people and the topic. Starting and ending times vary and you can check on them with the Church Office.

Who can I talk to if I have questions about small groups?
If you’ve got any questions, feel free to contact us at or 830-249-8448.