Brad Badders


Brad Badders and his wife of more than thirty years joined Faith Bible Church over twelve years ago. Brad comes to the Faith Bible Church Elder Board during the 2011 Elder Rotation. His desire to serve his Lord in this capacity was sparked about three years ago as he recognized a growing desire toward this leadership role.

Brad was born in San Antonio, Texas and was the youngest of three children. His family roots include eighty-seven years of automotive service in San Antonio. In 1987 Brad purchased his remaining family’s interest in the family business and currently operates the oldest, originally family-owned automotive repair facility in San Antonio. Both of his sons now work as the fourth generation in the business.

Brad’s business exposed him to thousands of customers and people to whom God has used as an instrument to consul and minster. The fact is, for years, Brad did not even recognize this was God’s plan for him — ministering to people first and automotive repairs second. Located in the inner-city, he is exposed to many people with serious needs. He recalls praying over a prostitute in his parking lot and three years later seeing her healed, and reconciled to her perpetrator.  He has helped a recovering drug addict get off the street, allowing him to stay in his storeroom.  Recently, he covered a women he found, half-clothed and dumped in 20 degree weather.

Brad’s ministry of love and compassion, business management/ownership for over twenty years and love of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, makes it his pleasure to humbly serve on the Faith Bible Elder Board.  Brad’s favorite Bible verse is found in Acts 4:13.