Tim Ekno

Senior Pastor

Tim came to Faith Bible Church in Boerne, Texas in January 2013 with over 26 years of ministry experience.  Tim and his family spent more than 20 years working in full-time foreign missions in Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and India.  Tim and his wife Vanessa remain very involved in missions outreach to people afflicted with leprosy in central India.

Tim and Vanessa have been married for over 30 years, have four grown children of their own, and a foster daughter from their time in Thailand.  They also have four grand children.

Tim has a Master’s of Ministry degree from Louisiana Baptist University and a Masters of Religious Education from Grand Rapids Baptist ministry.  Tim’s heart is to share the liberating truths of the New Covenant with the people of God.  Tim has a great passion for the people of God to experience Christ as their life and the abundant life available to all who receive Him.